J.G. Millar + Associates

J.G. Millar + Associates employs a focused corporate development strategy tailored for each industry segment. Companies that meet our criteria are well positioned to achieve strong near-term growth and provide exceptional investment returns to our venture partners.

Specialty Consumer Products
We look for capital efficient early-stage companies whose products occupy a "white space" in the market and who have the potential to define a product category. Through a combination of brand development, equity investment, and venture debt, we are able to achieve an exceptional IRR with a near-term exit through acquisition.

Enterprise Business Applications
Companies who have developed early prototypes of enterprise software, software as a service, or web 2.0 business applications are strong portfolio candidates. We identify opportunities to create strategic partnerships, licensing relationships, and co-branded business solutions that result in near-term revenue.

Clean Technology
We are actively evaluating opportunities in renewable energy, environmentally friendly businesses, and innovative clean technologies. Our emphasis is on early-stage, capital efficient companies that have a near-term path to revenue.

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