J.G. Millar + Associates

J.G. Millar + Associates adds the expertise of a Senior Principal to your investment team. We support our Venture Partners with services and resources that help them meet their investment objectives.

Investment Services
Our investment services include all aspects of indentifying and evaluating a potential early-stage investment. We have deep experience in due diligence, valuation, financial & strategic analysis, term sheets & financing, and potential exit strategies.

Management Consulting
Managing a growth company requires a unique set of skills and even experienced executives may find it challenging. We work with our Venture Partners and their portfolio companies to provide corporate governance, strategic and operational insights, and financial oversight and support. As outside Directors, we provide an independent perspective from early investment through exit.

Venture Fund
Accredited investors who are interested in new investment opportunities, deal syndication, or portfolio diversification may be eligible for our venture fund. We use a pledge fund model where Venture Partners have the lattitude to review their individual investments. To be eligible you must be an accredited investor or investment firm, and must pre-register with J.G. Millar + Associates. Contact our company for more information.

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